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Children’s Dentistry

Start their dental journey the right way.

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Establishing Good Habits Early

At Dentessence, we understand that children of all ages may be nervous about dental appointments, whether it’s their first visit or not. That’s why we welcome children and families in a warm, friendly way to our family-inclusive environment, starting with our fun-tastic kids’ waiting area. Toddlers and young children can play along the sensory wall in the waiting room while other children often enjoy the colouring and counting games on the iPads!

By introducing your child to dental visits from two years of age in a fun and stress-free way, we can introduce the importance of good oral hygiene and its role in looking after our bodies from a young age. 

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Our Children’s Dental Services

Children’s dentistry is not just about addressing immediate concerns but also about building a foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. We aim to do this by offering services such as:

Dentessence Diamond Creek

About Your Child’s Dental Visit

We want to help your child start their oral healthcare journey positively. That’s why we tailor each visit to your child’s individual needs.

The recommended age for a child’s first dental visit is two to three years old – however, you are welcome to bring your child earlier, particularly if they have any dental concerns. At two or three years old, your child can interact with their dentist and respond to instructions and praise.

There are many ways we aim to make your child’s first visit comfortable and enjoyable. This considered and thoughtful approach helps to ensure their first dental experience is positive. If possible, schedule this dental visit after routine meal and sleep times so your child is attentive and content. 


Your Children’s Dentistry Questions Answered

It is important to clean and protect your child’s teeth from the moment their first tooth comes through (at six months of age, on average). You can clean these baby teeth with a soft, clean cloth. You may also like to bring your child to your dental appointment or an older sibling’s appointment so they can become familiar with the dental setting.
Yes, happy gas can be used to assist children who are nervous about required dental treatment. Chat with our friendly staff about how we can help with your child’s oral health.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides bulk-billed general dental services for children aged 2 to 17, with no out-of-pocket costs to families for children who are eligible. Please check eligibility and the benefits available for your child with Medicare Australia.

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Why Dentessence?


Our practice is as family-friendly as can be, and all of our team members are committed to helping children feel comfortable and safe while they’re here.

The Clinic Experience

When you come to Dentessence, you’ll be welcomed into a home–like waiting area filled with comforts for you and your children.

Dedicated to Preventative Care

The best way to start a lifelong commitment to preventative dental care is to begin as early as possible!

The Child Dental Benefit Scheme covers eligible children aged 2-17 years old for all or some of the cost of general dental services. Eligibility is based on your individual circumstances as determined by Medicare Australia. Please see Services Victoria for more information about Children's Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS).

Dedicated to Age-Appropriate Care

Dentessence is committed to providing the best care in a welcoming environment to ensure a lifetime of healthy oral habits.
Whether your child is two years old and going to their first dentist appointment or a teenager who hasn’t been in a while, at Dentessence, we provide the same level of personalised, family-friendly care to all. To start their dental journey the right way, book an appointment today!
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