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Dentessence Diamond Creek

Bridging Gaps and Enhancing Smiles

Dental crowns and bridges have come a long way in recent years. With advances in materials and technology, they now offer patients more durable and natural-looking solutions for various dental issues.

Whether you’d like to restore a damaged tooth with a crown or bridge a gap in your smile, modern dental crowns and bridges aim to provide functional and aesthetic benefits for strength, stability, and enhancing your smile’s appearance. Here at Dentessence, we have the expertise and experience to offer a seamless dental crown experience with quality craftsmanship. If you’re located near Diamond Creek, we welcome you to come and experience the Dentessence difference for your dental bridge and crown needs. 

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Reasons You May Consider a Dental Crown or Bridge

Missing Teeth

Whether the gap is visible in your smile or not, dental crowns and bridges are designed to assist aesthetically and functionally to improve your oral health in several ways.

Missing teeth can cause other teeth in your mouth to move to compensate for the gap. This can lead to an acceleration of gum disease, a breakdown of bone structure or misaligned teeth and result in difficulties in chewing or speaking properly.

Dental crowns or bridges aim to restore the gap, address these challenges, and promote long-term oral health.

Cracked Teeth

Cracks in teeth may vary in size and depth, often leading to symptoms including pain while chewing, sensitivity to temperature changes, and overall pain and discomfort..

A cracked tooth can often be saved if treated in a timely manner with a dental crown or bridge. This helps to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the cracked tooth, which, if left untreated, may have a significant impact on your oral health.

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Dental Crown and Bridge Treatment

Regardless of whether you opt for a dental crown or bridge, our commitment to you and your smile stays the same. Although the process itself will vary depending on the treatment itself and your circumstances, it takes shape over four stages:

  1. Consultation and tailored treatment plan
  2. Stage 1 Treatment: Crown or Bridge Preparation
  3. Stage 2 Treatment: Crown or Bridge Insert
  4. Aftercare

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Dental Crown & Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

After examining your teeth and taking X-rays, we prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap, called the abutment teeth, by removing a small portion of the enamel and creating space for the dental bridge.

We then take impressions of your teeth to create the model for your bridge. We may place a temporary bridge to protect the teeth we prepared earlier and to maintain your smile’s appearance. When your permanent bridge is ready, we fit it carefully for a precise and comfortable fit. Once we’re all satisfied with the fit and appearance, we will cement or bond it securely onto the abutment teeth.

Dental Crown

We begin with a thorough examination of the tooth and take X-rays in-house to determine if a dental crown is the most appropriate treatment. Then, we prepare the tooth and create a stable foundation for the crown — this may involve removing any damaged or decayed parts of the tooth and building up the tooth to ensure a proper fit.
Following this, we take an impression of the tooth and surrounding area and use it as a model to create your dental crown. While this is being prepared, we may place a temporary crown over the prepared tooth to protect it. Once your permanent crown is ready, we fit it, adjust it as necessary, and cement or bond it for the most comfortable and natural fit.

Please Note

You will be given specific aftercare instructions following your procedure. Generally, this includes maintaining good oral hygiene, brushing your teeth gently, and avoiding hard and sticky foods.

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Your Dental Crown and Bridge Questions Answered

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Why Dentessence?

Experienced Team

Our team consists of highly trained, friendly, and welcoming professionals with extensive experience in crowns and bridges.

A Quality Result

With a commitment to craftsmanship, our team strive to deliver a high-quality result.

Compassionate Care

We pride ourselves not only on our skill and experience but also on our friendly approach and honest, compassionate care for all.

Your Smile, Our Craftsmanship

Whether you’re considering a dental crown to strengthen a damaged tooth or a dental bridge to replace missing teeth, our team is here to provide you with high-quality, customised solutions.
With our commitment to excellence and your oral health in mind, we’re the team locals trust! Restoring your smile’s functionality and aesthetics doesn’t have to remain a dream for ‘one day’— make that day today by contacting us at Dentessence.
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