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Our Wisdom About Wisdom Tooth Pain

Did you know that not everybody has wisdom teeth? Some people may only have one, some people may have all four, and some may have none at all! Whether you have one or four, you may find they grow in and settle without causing any problems. For others, wisdom teeth may be a source of discomfort, pain, and dental issues. In situations like these, wisdom teeth removal may be a wise choice and allow you to alleviate pain and regain comfort.

Here at Dentessence, we offer wisdom teeth care in-house. At our welcoming family dental clinic, you can access the quality wisdom teeth care you need without the stress, financial investment, and travel involved with visiting the hospital. 

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom teeth typically emerge, or ‘erupt’, between the ages of 17 and 25 years. As they push through the gums, this may cause discomfort and pain, known as eruption pain. For many people, this feels like pain in the back of the mouth and may also include swelling and gum redness.

If the wisdom teeth do not have enough room to fully emerge, they may push against surrounding teeth or into the jawbone. This is called impaction and may cause what’s known as impaction pain. Many people find that this feels like a dull ache or a sharp, throbbing sensation in the area/s.

The symptoms of wisdom teeth pain will typically vary from one person to another but often include: 

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Treatment Options for Wisdom Teeth Removal

In-House Treatment

At Dentessence, we offer in-chair wisdom teeth removal when suitable. This avoids unnecessary use of general anesthetics and allows you to get back to your routine the same day without the need for hospital admissions or time off school and work. Our in-house treatment, wherever possible, allows you to receive the treatment you need in a familiar, calm environment.

Referral if Required

In cases where in-house treatment isn’t possible, we lean on our network of experienced, friendly, and welcoming surgeons to assist. Whether you require a referral to an oral surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon, we work together to ensure your teeth will be in great hands.

Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Questions Answered

Wisdom teeth removal can be expensive, stressful, and intensive when completed under a general anesthetic in a hospital. It requires you to take time off school or work to be admitted to the hospital and then recover at home post-procedure. Here at Dentessence, we can offer you the same result in a calm and friendly environment without the risks associated with general anesthetics while saving you time and money. Enquire to learn whether in-house wisdom teeth removal is right for you.
Not necessarily! Wisdom teeth pain may occur when the teeth are growing in or if they may be causing dental problems. Some people may find that their wisdom teeth grow in without any issue and that they don’t pose any problems once they’ve erupted.
Some people may develop complications after their wisdom teeth fully grow. Possible complications will vary from person to person depending on individual circumstances, and as such, the pain may differ as well. Conditions that may affect wisdom teeth and lead to pain include infections, cavities, gum disease, and damage to neighbouring teeth.
Wisdom teeth removal is only necessary if the teeth are causing problems. At Dentessence, we consider your symptoms and individual circumstances to create a tailored treatment plan that may or may not include wisdom teeth removal, depending on your specific needs.

At Dentessence, we offer a range of payment options, including the National Dental Plan powered by humm, Afterpay, Super Care, and CDBS. To find out more about payment options, please visit our Payment Options page or call our friendly team.

Dentessence Diamond Creek

Why Dentessence?

Skilled Team

Our caring team is well-versed in wisdom teeth removal and the care it requires. We provide in-chair treatment using local anaesthetic and are also highly trained to recognise complex situations that may require a referral.

Understanding Care

We pride ourselves on not only our skill and experience but also our approach. We truly love what we do and always put ourselves in each patient’s shoes to help you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Family Environment

We’ve cultivated a family atmosphere with our team and our patients, and we’d love to welcome you into our family!

Don’t Let Wisdom Teeth Pain Stop You From Smiling

Wisdom teeth pain may make it difficult to eat and even smile or laugh— and we love to see your smiling faces!
At Dentessence, we’re here to provide you with dedicated care and wisdom teeth solutions tailored to your unique needs. With years of experience in wisdom teeth removal, we understand the challenges you may be facing and aim to assist wherever we can. Make the wise choice and contact us at Dentessence today.
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